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Quality Management System

Quality policy of the company state continuous improvement in product quality. Quality can not be built in finished product but shall be maintained at all manufacturing stages , which finally leads to finished product quality .

The company is committed to manufacturing products of high quality ,purity, efficacy and safety on consistant basis . this objective is achieved through written procedure and systems.there are written std operating procedures ,duly authorized for all operations ,viz.

  • manufacturing analysis ,store release, of material /batches, housekeeping &sanitation and engineering .
  • Maintained for critical operations. quality assurance department release each batch ,after adequate testing and checks.
  • Training is imparted to employees at all levels so as to enable them to carry out duties assigned to them based on training schedule.
  • Experienced and qualified persons are engaged in the production & quality control department. processes & operations are validated & equipments are calibrated periodically to ensure periodic quality. The records of its are maintained.

In the pharmaceutical industry, consumer protection assumes special significance because the purchaser of a drug product has no way of knowing whether the medicine/drug he has purchased and intends to use will be safe and effective. With a view to maintaining quality of our products GMH Laboratories has adopted a policy of operating the pharmaceutical manufacturing under control of a Quality Management System installed and operating as stated in the Quality System Manual. The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all strict measures and standards which are legal as well as jointly set by the customer and our own company are adhered and followed.

Responsibility of the Quality Assurance function:

  • Overall Quality planning and monitoring
  • Writing, updating and implementation of Quality Systems/Manual
  • To set systems which have a bearing on quality
  • To approve new products for launch
  • To approve Quality Control procedures
  • To approve minor changes/deviations, design changes
  • To initiate actions arising out of quality complaints and to resolve non-conformance
  • To initiate and oversee product recall
  • To audit, validate and certify vendors.
  • Approving and issuing of raw and packaging material specifications
  • Carrying of process control defect analysis and decide with production the corrective actions.

Monitoring stability of all running products and new products.

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